Nike is one of those brands every creative wants to work on and I enjoyed a good run at it, first at Simons Palmer in London, then at Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam.

In case you don't know, 1966 is the only time England won the World Cup and therefore the greatest year in our footballing history. But Eric Cantona was a French striker who lit up our pedestrian league with his flamboyant skills and articulate charisma. This poster won top awards and is often cited as one of the best UK ads of the 90s, but more importantly it caused a riot in Leeds, where Eric was hated after defecting to Manchester. Get in. Agency: Simons Palmer Denton Clemmow & Johnson, London. AD: Andy McKay.

World Cup '98 UK poster campaign:

W+K Amsterdam. AD: Rick McQuiston.

Pan-European Product Leadership press insert:

W+K Amsterdam. AD: Bertrand Fleuret.

Pan-European Product Leadership Concept Album:

Nike wanted another print campaign to promote their leading shoes, but we pitched them a concept album. And they bought it. So I travelled the world recording interviews with athletes including Andre Agassi, Monica Seles and Robbie Fowler, then worked with Mo' Wax Records in London to turn them into trip-hoppy tracks. This was way before Spotify, so the album was given away as a CD on the cover of leading lifestyle magazines. I don't know how many shoes it sold, but it was certainly one of the most interesting projects I've ever been involved with, especially when Mo' Wax supremo James Lavelle debuted it at a top London club. AD: Bertrand Fleuret.

Pan-European Product Leadership Print Campaign:

AD: Robert Nakata.

Pan-European 'Good vs Evil' print campaign:

AD: Robert Nakata

UK Anti-Racism (and Eric Cantona rehabilitation) campaign:

In 1994, Eric Cantona drop-kicked a fan who was shouting abuse at him. Brave as ever, Nike turned the incident into an opportunity to discuss racism in the game and for Eric to 'apologise'.

Pan-European 'Just Do It' magazine:

While 'Just Do It' is self-explanatory in the English-speaking world, it doesn't necessarily translate. So we produced this one-off magazine that was adapted for European markets to help explain its many nuances.